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Captivating semi side-profile headshot photography featuring a beautiful model from Sydney, taken by Irierootsini Photography


A photographer by trade, an artist at heart, Irierootsini is a Commercial Photographer based in Sydney.

Irierootsini is the alias that Hermenegildo JR Alejo uses in the world of photography. Having studied fine arts in Southern California, he brings his naturally born artistic talent to every aspect of his work by using the camera as his canvas and the knowledge of lighting as his brush to create captivating images.  

As an artist, he views each photography project as a potential  masterpiece, embracing his clients' needs as if they were his own. As a commercial photographer, he enjoys the versatility of working across various photography genres. These skills propel him to strive for excellence and maintain a top-notch performance, consistently delivering the finest images. His relentless pursuit of excellence fuels his desire to make a tangible impact on the growth of businesses and individuals. Endowed with an innate artistic talent, you can trust in his artistry to consistently deliver outstanding photography, as he continuously pushes the horizons of creativity.

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