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A photographer by trade, an artist at heart, Irierootsini is a Commercial Photographer based in Western Sydney, Australia.

Irierootsini is the alias that Hermenegildo JR Alejo uses in the world of photography.  Having studied fine arts in Southern California, he brings his naturally born artistic talent to every aspect of his work by using the camera as his canvas and the knowledge of lighting as his brush to create captivating images.  

As an artist, he approaches every photography project as his masterpiece and treats his client's photography requirements as his own. Being a commercial photographer, gives him the luxury in working with all the major photography genres.  These abilities drive him to excel and to stay on top of his A-game, by producing the best images possible.  His aspirations to be the best, give him the energy and passion to make a difference in helping businesses and individuals grow.  With his innate gift in the arts, you can rely on his artistry to produce outstanding photography works by always pushing himself beyond the horizons of creativity.