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Build your brand with a photographer that you can trust.
Let us help create commercial quality product photography images that sell.


As a creative product photographer, we have dedicated ourselves to making sure our clients’ product photography requirements are met with the best possible outcome. Our years of experience have helped our clients in providing commercial quality imageries that aid their customers in identifying which products they want to buy. Since more and more customers are dependant on product images when shopping online, as a seller, you must be certain that those photos posted do properly represent your products. Having the perfect product photos gives you the edge to stay ahead of your competitors. Our photography studio is well equipped in providing your products with the best product photography setup that will enhance the items you are selling. To learn more about our creative product photography process, click here.

Did you know that certain products require a different studio lighting setup? This will depend on the size, shape, and texture of the product. At Irierootsini Photography, we have mastered the use of creative lightings and modifiers complement any type of products you sell, whether it would be glass or plastic bottles, reflective containers, bathtubs, sparkling jewelleries, food, electronic devices, clothing, stationery, products with models, and many more. Rather than describing what we mean, the categories above are links to the different product photography services that we offer and features the volume of work we have done for our clients.

There are basically eight (8) categories; eCommerce Product Photography, Lifestyle Product Photography, Product Stop Motion Animation, Fashion Photography, Jewellery Photography, Flat Lay Photography, Food Photography, Bottle Photography, and Product Promo Video. And from those categories we have three (3) product photography packages to choose from. To view our product photography packages and pricing, click here.


Let us know your product photography requirements and we can send you a free quote.

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