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What to Expect from a Product Photography Session with Irierootsini

Ever wondered about the process that professional product photographers undertake to capture those eye-catching images that sells? Whether it's for online or print advertising, the demand for top-notch product photography is undeniable. In this blog, we'll delve into the essential steps required to produce commercial-grade photographs that elevate your products.

Before diving into the process, it's crucial to identify the purpose of your product photos. Starting with a foundation, we'll explore product photography packages available on our website to help you make informed choices.

In navigating the diverse applications of product photography, it's crucial to identify the specific platform and image type required. This includes considerations for online stores, e-commerce sites like Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, product catalogs, brochures, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and traditional print media like magazines, newspapers, and billboards. For instance, Amazon necessitates a pure white background for product images, excluding Lifestyle Product Photography. While there are more examples to explore, those details will be covered in a future blog.

Currently, Irierootsini Photography offers three tailored packages to meet all your product photography needs—the Basic, Deluxe, and Premium Packages. For those aiming to showcase products on online or e-commerce platforms, the Basic Package is the ideal choice, encompassing individual, group, detailed, and component shots, along with teaser shots. Consider the Deluxe Package if you desire dynamic customer interaction with GIF File Images, featuring 360-degree spins or stop-motion animations to highlight product functionality. Alternatively, our Premium Package, designed for products featuring models and lifestyle photography, involves meticulous planning and conceptualization to create compelling images for effective product advertising. Explore our detailed product photography packages for a comprehensive understanding of the inclusions.

Are you aware that an increasing number of online businesses are incorporating GIF Files alongside their JPEG product images? GIF Files, being smaller in size (ranging from 500kb to 4mb) yet offering enhanced content value compared to JPEG Files, have become a popular choice for marketing products. The added advantage is their continuous play once the website page is loaded. Explore samples of Product Stop-Motion Animation and 180 to 360 Degree Photography GIF Files below.

Depending on your requirements, products can move in different ways.

Additionally, among the mentioned product photography packages, an intriguing new online service has captured the interest of consumers – 360-degree product spin photography. This innovative product photography trend presents a single image comprised of multiple images. With a simple touch or click, viewers can interactively rotate the image in 360 degrees, providing a dynamic and engaging experience. Take a spin on the image below to explore this technological marvel!

Try moving the product from left to right or vice versa.

Now that you've selected the product photography service you need, let's delve into the meticulous process of creating high-quality commercial-grade product photos. Explore the step-by-step procedure undertaken by a product photography studio to uphold the highest quality standards.


  • Provide 2-3 pieces of each item if possible This ensures a smooth product shoot and gives the photographer a choice for the best image, requiring at least 2-3 pieces of each product.

  • Ensure items are clean - Before handing items to the studio, ensure proper cleaning. Although the studio prepares for a dust-free image, clients must provide clean products to avoid additional charges.


  • Studio Lights – Different products require specific lighting setups (e.g., lights position, power settings, number of lights).

  • Camera & LensLike lights, different products need a unique camera setting, angle, and an appropriate lens.

  • Studio SettingsIn addition to lights and cameras, the studio will be prepared with backdrops, a live view monitor, and props if needed.

  • Product StylingItems are styled to give the product image character. This is crucial for Deluxe and Premium Packages (e.g., group shots, teaser shots, product lifestyle, products with models).


  • Product Image Colour CorrectionTo achieve commercial quality, all images undergo checks for proper exposure, and color correction is applied to match the actual product sample.

Photos above shows colour correction of product label.

  • Product Image Retouching - Despite cleaning items for dust, each photograph undergoes a thorough check for dust and scratches to meet commercial quality standards.

Images above shows before & after photos of product image dust & scratches removal.

  • Deep etchingSome prefer transparent backgrounds for their product images, enabling easy background color changes without hassle.


See how the featured product can easily change from various backgrounds.

  • Image Enhancement & ManipulationIdeal for products with imperfections, such as changing product logos or adjusting product label dot gain.

Photos above are examples of image manipulation. (Photos on the left are images before Image Manipulation)

Photos above are examples of image enhancement. (Photos on the left are original product photography images before company logo were enhanced or changed)

  • InfographicsIncorporating details about the image/s speaks volumes (e.g., descriptions, dimensions, data, charts). In today's competitive online market, the value of comprehensive information is truly invaluable.

Above are infographics images used by clients for their Amazon page and online store websites.

After absorbing the insights provided, we now have a clear understanding of what to expect during a product photography session and the meticulous process undertaken to create top-notch commercial-quality images. This knowledge equips you, especially when considering services with Irierootsini Photography, ensuring that you are aware of the exacting standards upheld by the studio to deliver images that elevate and effectively market your products.


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