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Amazon Product Photography in Sydney ⎯ The Importance of Lifestyle Product Images & Infographics

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Amazon Lifestyle Product Photography

When it comes to Amazon Product Photography, it is important to always consider using Lifestyle Product Photography and Infographics for your Amazon Product Images Requirements to stay ahead of the competition. By utilising the Amazon product image samples from one of my clients, I will show you how effective these images can be by making visual comparisons to standard white background product photography images of the same product so that you can see for yourself the importance of Lifestyle Product Images and Infographics are.

Now, to begin, what is Lifestyle Product Photography and why is it so important? By context, Lifestyle Product Photography is photography of a product in its natural setting. A good example of this would be the image above. It shows a pet picture frame which is styled by placing it on a white coffee table next to a chair by a window. This lifestyle product image gives Amazon shoppers a chance to see the product's function, and at the same time, it allows them to get an idea of the size of the product (by seeing other objects relative to the Amazon product). Another method would be to have a Product Model hold the product and for jewellery or clothing, the model can wear them, which we can discuss on another blog. To demonstrate further the importance of Lifestyle Product Photography, let us compare the two images below. On the left is the standard product photography image and on the right is the lifestyle product photography of the same product. Can you see what I am talking about? Can you visually see the function of the product? Does having other objects around the product help you determine its size? If the answer to all the questions are yes, then the lifestyle product photography image has helped answer some of the questions that the Amazon shoppers may have and you now know the importance of Lifestyle Product Photography.

We know that Lifestyle Product Images helps Amazon Shoppers determine the size of the product, but what is the actual size of the product? That is where Infographics image fits in. With Infographics, you can show the actual dimensions of the product and it can also identify specific features that the product may have that the Amazon seller wants to point out. Below is an Infographic image of this product that shows the front part of the product with the external dimensions and it also identify specific features of the product. This Infographics image also shows the back part of the product with the dimension of the photograph holder.

Infographics Image

Having Lifestyle Product Photography images and Infographics images for your Amazon listing will surely help Amazon Shoppers know your product more and help seal the deal for the online shopper to add your product/s to their shopping cart. But don't forget to have those standard product photography images on white background as well. Since Amazon allows up to 10 product photography images, why not use them where they count. Below are two sets of pet picture frames from the product photography project I took for my client.

Well, that wraps up this blog. If you want more information or a quote on product photography projects like this, do contact us. You can also check our product photography packages or book online if you are ready for us to take on your product photography project. See you soon. 🙂


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