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8 Amazing Headshots of an Aspiring Sydney Teen Actor in Marsden Park

Does her smile remind you of a painting by da Vinci?

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of having Pippa, an aspiring Sydney teen actor, at my studio in Marsden Park, for a headshot session that resulted in 8 amazing headshots! In this blog, I will be talking about the number one reason to have a professional headshot done, the creative process that led to the amazing headshots, and why you should have more than one final headshot image.

As many of us know, the real reason that we hire a professional photographer for our headshots is to make sure, as a factor in personal branding, that we stand out and get noticed, no matter what industry we are in. Whether it be a corporate headshot, an editorial headshot, a business headshot, a modelling headshot, an individual headshot for your LinkedIn profile, or in this case, an acting headshot, it is important that the photographer knows exactly what headshots you are after. This will involve collaboration and building a great rapport with the headshot photographer. To explain further in more detail, about the creative process, have a read of this blog titled "what to expect from a headshot session".

As you might have read from the headshot session blog link, you will get 5 images from the headshot session that we offer and can avail more, like most of our clients do, depending on the industry that they are in. This is the reason why we offer 5 final retouched headshot images in our headshot photography packages, except for bulk corporate headshots which we offer 2 final retouched images. Why 5 headshot images, you might ask? In my experience through the years, as a commercial photographer that has photographed all sorts of people, 5 is the magic number! Even if you only need one headshot for your profession, it is a good idea that have other headshot images for your work and for online (e.g. LinkedIn Profile, Facebook, Instagram).

That being said, lets look at Pippa's headshots as an example for the number of headshot images needed by actors. A good rule of thumb for acting headshots is to have one of the following acting headshot poses; a smiling pose, an everyday pose, an emotional pose, and a neutral pose, which is better explained in this blog by Ludovic Coutaud, "4 Essential Poses for Actor Headshots". Aside from those 4 essential poses, an actor like Pippa, will need to know the type of acting headshot look (e.g. Commercial Headshot Look or Theatrical Headshot Look) she requires, in order to have the proper headshots that the casting agent needed for the role she wants to apply for. Here is a blog by The Light Committee "How Many Headshots Do You Need?", that best sums up the number of headshots needed for all types of headshot requirements, including acting headshots. Below are the 8 amazing headshot of Pippa;

Now that you have seen the wonderful headshots of Pippa, you might be wondering why there are 8 headshots, when the recommended number shots is 5 to 6 images for acting headshots, as elaborated in the blog by Tom Burke titled "How Many Headshots Do I Actually Need". Just like many aspiring actors like Pippa, it is always a great idea to have different types of acting headshots available at your disposal, just in case there is a specific role you wanted to apply for comes up.

Let me know if you have any headshot requirements that I can help you with. You can give me a call or book online. Talk to you soon!

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