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8 Amazing Headshots of an Aspiring Sydney Teen Actor in Marsden Park

Updated: Feb 21

Aspiring Sydney teen actor in a neutral pose. Her pose and smile resemble the Mona Lisa, with studio lights shining through her red hair.
Does her smile remind you of a painting by da Vinci?

More than a year had passed since I had the pleasure of photographing Pippa, an aspiring Sydney teen actor, at my studio in Marsden Park for a headshot session that resulted in 8 amazing headshots! In this blog, we'll delve into the significance of professional headshots, the creative process behind these stunning shots, and the reasons why having more than one final headshot image is beneficial.

The Power of Professional Headshots:

The primary reason individuals, especially those in competitive industries like acting, opt for professional headshots is to establish a standout personal brand. Whether you're pursuing a career in corporate, editorial, business, modeling, or acting, a professional headshot can make a significant impact on how you are perceived. Collaborating closely with your headshot photographer is essential to ensure they understand your specific needs.

The Creative Process:

To gain insight into the creative process, you can refer to our blog titled 'What to Expect from a Headshot Session.' Establishing a strong rapport and collaboration with the photographer is crucial for achieving the desired results. Pippa's headshot session is a testament to the creative process that goes into capturing the essence of an aspiring actor.

The Magic Number: 5 Final Headshot Images:

Our standard headshot packages include 5 final retouched images. The decision behind this number is based on years of experience capturing diverse individuals. Even if you only need one headshot for your profession, having additional images for various platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram can enhance your online presence.

Pippa's Example:

Actors, like Pippa, often require a variety of headshots to cater to different roles. A rule of thumb for acting headshots is to include essential poses, such as a smiling pose, an everyday pose, an emotional pose, and a neutral pose. Pippa's 8 headshots showcase the versatility needed for various acting roles, as well as the importance of having different looks for different opportunities.

Below are the 8 amazing headshot of Pippa;

The Recommended Number vs. Aspiring Actor's Choice:

While the recommended number of headshots for actors might range from 5 to 6, Pippa's decision to have 8 headshots demonstrates the wisdom in having a diverse portfolio. As an aspiring actor, having a variety of headshots available ensures you're ready to apply for specific roles that may require different looks.


Pippa's 8 amazing headshots not only showcase her talent but also highlight the importance of versatility in the competitive world of acting. If you're considering professional headshots, remember that the number of images you choose should align with your career goals and the diverse roles you aspire to take on.

If you have any headshot requirements or questions, feel free to reach out to me. You can give me a call or book online. I look forward to capturing your brilliance and helping you stand out in your industry. Talk to you soon!"

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