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What to expect from a Headshot Session

Updated: Nov 9, 2023


When you book a headshot session with Irierootsini Photography, whether it is at our Western Sydney studio or on location, we will take you through a collaborative process, which will ensure that your headshot requirements are fully fulfilled.

We understand the importance of your personal branding. Since there are so many different types of headshots (e.g. Commercial Headshots, Corporate Headshots, Business Headshots, Acting Headshots, Modelling Headshots, Editorial Headshots, LinkedIn Headshots), we want to find out the type of headshot that you require. This is why you will be asked to fill-up an online pre-headshot photography session questionnaire before your scheduled headshot photography session. Knowing more about your requirements allows us to know exactly what you need for your headshot session (e.g. background, creative lighting, natural lighting, type of poses, etc.).

The first thing that you will need to do when booking your headshot session with us, is to choose the headshot session package that is right for you. Whether you want an outdoor headshot session with the natural ambient light of the sun as the light source, a studio headshot session with creative studio lighting here in our portrait studio in Marsden Park, or on location were we bring our portable studio lighting to your place of business complete with coloured background, if needed. For the creative individuals, we have our Premium Headshot Package in which you can choose from the themed backdrops available and even create creative Hero Shots that can include smoke effects (using a fog machine).

Secondly, if you do decide on our studio headshot session, you will need to choose the colour of the backdrop that is ideal for your headshot requirements (e.g. Linkedin Profile = white background or light grey, Corporate Headshots = light grey or charcoal grey, Acting Headshots = charcoal grey or black background) as shown on images below.

Once booked for our headshot photography session, we will send you a selection of headshot poses for you to look at and select the types of poses that catches your eyes, based on the online pre-headshot questionnaire that you have submitted. This will help determine the creative lighting needed to achieve the goal of creating the perfect headshot tailored to you. And for the outdoor headshot sessions, the poses selected will help our headshot photographer know the best way to utilise the ambient light in the area and guide you to where the best place to be to capture those perfect images.

Our headshot sessions usually last around 45 minutes, depending on your photography requirements, of which 40 to 60 images will be captured from 5 to 8 Styled Poses. For the companies and businesses availing the group rate package, depending on what was agreed on, there are usually 2 to 4 Styled Poses for each person that will be captured. To help calm the nerves of the person/s being photographed, we will create a relaxed atmosphere by playing soothing music, which will help the subject build a great rapport with our headshot photographer so that you can feel at ease and focus on those great headshot poses. To ensure that we have captured the images you need, we also have a Live View Monitor that will help you make the necessary adjustments to your pose and facial expressions.

To give you an idea of the different type of headshots that goes with different lighting setups (e.g. Loop lighting, Clamshell lighting, Rembrandt lighting, Butterfly lighting, Split lighting, Broad lighting, Short lighting, Hair light, Catchlight, etc.) that will help accentuate your headshot poses, we have compiled image samples of the different types of headshots taken of our clients.

Now the fun part begins! After the headshot session, we will send you a link that will take you to the album with all your headshot images from the photo session in which you can make your selections. Depending on the agreement, you will choose five (5) Images which will be retouched and sent to you as High Resolution Jpeg Files (Print Ready and Web Ready). For the group rate headshots, depending on what was agreed upon, you can choose two (2) Images per person, which will be retouched. And basically, that's it.

We hope that this blog helped you understand what to expect from a headshot session with Irierootsini Photography and we will see you on your next headshot session.

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Oct 09, 2019

Hi, thanks for sharing. Great, advise! Previously I have done photo editing and retouching for headshot projects (Company Name: I am currently worked as a Photo Editor but I have a passion for Photography.

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