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Sydney Acting Headshots with Beowolf from Western Sydney ⎯ an Actor, Writer, Fighter and Performer

Updated: Nov 4, 2022


Over the years I have had the pleasure of photographing the talented Beowolf Aldana on three separate occasions, in 2017, 2018, and 2019. It all started when Beowolf contacted me back in September 2017 for the first Actor Headshots Session in which he needed a few images to be submitted to an exclusive agency. To give you an idea of how the photography session went, here is what Beowolf had to say on the Google Review he posted on the 21st of September 2017 "Thank you so much Emil! You went above and beyond. I was very uncomfortable having my photos taken, which is something I just don't enjoy doing (but was a required necessity), but Emil was very professional and understanding with his work, and we ended up having a fun and productive shoot. On top of that, an exclusive agency that's picky with external photographers was extremely happy with his work and so I was able to join, thanks to Emil's creative work. Highly recommended, and will definitely be coming back to update my photos. Thanks again Emil!"

Below are sample images from what transpired on the headshot session:

The second Actor Headshot Session was in March 2018 when Beowolf contacted me that he wanted to have his photograph taken before he shaved his long beard. For this shoot, I decided that Black & White images would have the best outcome. Here are the results from the photoshoot:

Our third Headshot Session was in July 2019 when Beowolf appeared more clean cut and sporty as well. You may notice that some of the poses are similar to the first session but without the beard. Here are the results from our last photo session:

As you can see from the images taken of Beowolf, as an artist, my goal is to produce images that accentuate the persona/s that you want to portray. I take pride in creating headshots that will help boost your career. My keen eyes for detail and artistic talent will ensure that your best angles are captured, which will result in breathtaking photographs of you. To end this blog, here are two gif file images below of Beowolf in action and don't forget to check out my Headshot Session Packages and you can Book Online for your next Actors Headshot Session.

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