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The Camera as My Canvas & the Knowledge of Lighting as My Brush

Updated: Feb 19

Detail shot: Sydney photographer's hands on the camera, finger on the shutter button, adjusting focus with a long lens.

Welcome to my very first photography blog titled: "The Camera as My Canvas & the Knowledge of Lighting as My Brush." First of all, let me make a brief introduction of myself. My name is Hermenegildo JR Alejo, and "IRIEROOTSINI" is the alias that I use in the world of photography. I am a FilAmOz (Filipino American Australian) professional photographer who grew up in America, where I studied fine arts in Southern California. In 2013, I migrated to Australia where I established Irierootsini Photography in 2015 to cater to the commercial photography needs of businesses and individuals in and around Sydney.

Well, enough of that for now, let's discuss my approach to photography for creating commercial-quality images. You might ask, what does a camera have to do with a canvas, and what does the knowledge of lighting have to do with a brush? Imagine a talented artist working on an oil painting on canvas without any paints or brushes. Can you picture that? Now, visualise a photographer without any source of light, in absolute darkness with a camera in hand. Do you see the similarity? The artist needs paints and brushes for the canvas, while the photographer needs a light source for the camera. Just like an artist, my knowledge of lighting will be my paint and my brush to help me create captivating images on my camera, which serves as my canvas.

To fully understand why light is so important, let's explore the origins of photography. Were you aware that, before the invention of the modern camera, many artists utilized a technique involving a camera obscura box to achieve precise depictions of images? For a more detailed insight into 'camera obscura' and a brief history of photography, check out this five-minute video clip by Cooperative of Photography (COOPH) titled 'The History of Photography' which you might find interesting.

The History of Photography Video

By watching the video, you'll discover that the first photographers were visual artists. Now, can you understand why I say, 'The Camera as My Canvas & the Knowledge of Lighting as My Brush'? With that said, welcome again to Irierootsini Photography, where I approach every photography project as a masterpiece and treat my clients' photography requirements as my own. As a commercial photographer, I have the flexibility to work within all major photography genres, driving me to excel and maintain my A-game, consistently producing the best images.

My aspirations to be the best provide me with the energy and passion to make a difference in helping businesses and individuals grow. With my innate gift in the arts, you can trust my artistry to produce outstanding photographs, continually pushing beyond the horizons of creativity. Possessing creativity and fueled by imagination, I bring my naturally born artistic talent to every aspect of my work, using the camera as my canvas and the knowledge of lighting as my brush to capture wonderful images.

Feel free to explore my gallery, showcasing a diverse array of works across genres like Lifestyle Photography, Product Photography, Professional Headshots, Portraits Photography and Corporate Event Photography. Join me on a journey through my photography blog dedicated to showcasing both past and present projects. Gain in-depth insights into the creation of these images, and discover valuable photography tips for enthusiasts. Until our next encounter, stay inspired!

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