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Sydney Family Portrait Photography Session with the Dineros Family from North Kellyville

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Family Portrait in White & Black

Back in February of 2021, I had a portrait photography session with the Dineros Family at my studio located in Marsden Park, North West of Sydney. This family of three from North Kellyville, in The Hills District, is a good example of what types of poses can be achieved in an hour. If you have read my blog titled "What to expect from a Portrait Photography Session", then you will know the types of poses (e.g. group shots, mother & daughter/son, father & daughter/son, siblings, and husband & wife) that can be included in our Family Portrait Session, for studio and outdoor portraits. As you may already know, our Deluxe Portrait Package includes 8 to 12 Styled Poses of which you will get 8 final retouched images. You also have the option to buy additional photos from the portrait session. The number of pre-selected Styled Poses will determine the duration of the photoshoot and if you choose more than 12 Styled Poses, then additional charges may apply. Take a look below on what transpired at this family portrait session.

Now that you have a basic idea on the types of portraits that are included in our family portrait packages, why not give us a call for more information or Book Online if you are ready to have your next Family Portraits.

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