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5 Themed Backdrops for Studio Portraits & Headshots

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Man playing guitar to woman with orchard themed background taken in Marsden Park Portrait Studio

At first glance at the photo above, one might think that this couple's portrait was taken outdoors at an orchard during summer, but actually the couple in this photograph were sitting comfortably at our Marsden Park studio in the City of Blacktown NSW with a themed backdrop in their background. Just like how some movies are made, using backdrops as background, our studio can replicate the necessary lighting needed to create a believable portrait scene. In this particular case, Hollywood Lighting technique was used to replicate the backlit effect of the sun by placing two lights near the backdrop which are aimed at the subjects. Even though going to an orchard would be nice, it is highly unlikely that this scenery would be available year-round. So, why wait for the right season and why drive far to find the perfect location for your portrait when you can have a perfect portrait photography session here and now at our studio without having to worry about the weather (e.g. during winter, very hot summer, rainy days).

Now, let's find out the 5 themed backdrops options available from our premium packages (premium portrait package & premium headshots package) and let's get creative! The 5 themed backdrops that we have at the moment, as shown below are; Summer Orchard, Grey Vintage Wall, Green Spring Flower, Dark Night Blue Gold Bokeh and Dark Brick Wall.

As you may have noticed, Themed Backdrops require a certain studio lighting setup to create a certain mood. So, all you have to do is pick the themed backdrop you like and we will transport you to that place and create that portrait that you always wanted. Below are samples of portraits and headshots photography session using the 5 Themed Backdrops:

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