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What to expect from a Portrait Photography Session

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

We know how important it is to choose the right portrait photographer when it comes to our loved ones, and we want that portrait photography session to be fun, memorable and special, especially if this is your first time hiring a professional portrait photographer.

When you book a portrait photography session with Irierootsini Photography, whether it’s at our Western Sydney portrait studio, at Marsden Park, New South Wales or an outdoor location, we will take you through a collaborative process, which will ensure that your portrait photography requirements are fully fulfilled.

Since portrait photography is too broad, we have narrowed it down for you as follows;

  • Pre-Maternity Portrait Photography (e.g. husband & wife with baby bump)

  • Newborn Portrait Photography (e.g. newborn, newborn with mother, newborn with father, parents with newborn)

  • Couples Portrait Photography (e.g. engagement portraits)

  • Individual Portrait Photography (e.g. editorial portraits, theme portraits, hero shots portraits)

  • Family Portrait Photography (e.g. group shots, mother & daughter/son, father & daughter/son, siblings)

  • Kids Portrait Photography (e.g. pre-birthday portraits)

By answering our online pre-portrait photography session questionnaire, we will be able to determine exactly what you need for your portrait photography session (e.g. background, creative lighting, type of poses, etc.). Get the picture? 🙂

Below are some samples of family portrait poses.

After you have chosen the type of portrait photography that you require, you'll then need to choose what portrait photography package you want, whether you want an outdoor portrait session using the ambient light of the sun, a studio portrait session using studio lights setup, or studio portrait with themed backdrops as shown on images below.

Having decided on the kind of studio portrait photography session, you will need to choose the colour of the backdrop (as shown on images below) or themed backdrops that you prefer.

Once booked for our portrait photography session, we will send you samples of portrait photography poses which you can make your selection from, based on the online questionnaire that you have submitted. If you are booking a studio portrait photography session, this will help us determine the creative lighting needed to achieve our goal in creating the perfect portrait tailored to you and your loved ones. For outdoor portraits and environmental portraits, no problem, our expert portrait photographer will guide you and your loved ones to the perfect location for any particular pose and capture that perfect image that you will surely treasure.

Our portrait photography sessions usually last about an hour, depending on your photography requirements, of which 40 to 60 images are captured from 8 to 12 Styled Poses. Since studio portrait photography session needs that relaxing atmosphere that outdoor portrait photography has (e.g., that smell of fresh air with the birds chirping), we will create that relaxed atmosphere by playing soothing music that helps you and your loved ones come your nerves. This will also help you build a great rapport with our portrait photographer so that you will feel at ease and focused on those great portrait poses. To ensure that we have captured the images you want, we also have a Live View Monitor that will help you make the necessary adjustments with your poses and facial expressions.

With the photography session completed, the fun part begins! After the portrait photography session, we will send you contact prints of the images taken from your photography session from which you will make your selections. Depending on the agreement, you will have (8) eight Hi-Resolution Images that you can choose which will be retouched as Final Images. And that's basically it.

We hope that this photography blog has helped you better understand what to expect from a portrait session with Irierootsini Photography and we will see you on your next portrait photography session. Cheers.

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