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A Creative Way to have your Family Portrait Photography Session in Marsden Park.

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Back in June of 2022, the Smith Family had a creative portrait photography session at our studio, here in Marsden Park. This Sydney family of three (3), wanted something more creative than just a plain coloured backdrop for their family portrait session. So, we offered them our premium portrait photography package, which includes one theme backdrop, of their choosing. After looking at the backdrop choices, they decided to go with our popular "Dark Night Blue Gold Bokeh" themed backdrop. As seen from the sample images from this photography blog, you can definitely tell that we have emulated the lighting (using creative studio lights & modifiers) that complements the background and the subjects. Scroll down to see the creative results from this portrait photography session.

Wow! As you can see from the portrait images above, this family photoshoot was truly creative and lots of fun! Especially their daughter, she was so cute and attentive in front of the camera lens, for a 9 month old! Now that you have seen our creative background option, it is clearly a better choice than something plain. Don't you think? To learn more about our portrait photography sessions, you can read this blog titled "What to expect from a Portrait Photography Session" and if you are ready to book for your next Family Portrait Session, you can give us a call or Book Online.

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